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Checkin API

You can check in with any system that can send an http request

The base address is:

If the checkin is succesful, then you will get a 200 response with an empty body

Optional Parameters

You can send parameters either as post variables, or as url-encoded parameters

s - Status of your script

m - Message

t - Time it took your script to run

b - Boundary - max allowed time for your script

Status - s

s You can send the status in s. This is typically used to capture the output of your script. This is converted to an integer, then any integer value other than 0 (zero) is considered as an error.

If an error is recieved, you will be notified immediately

This allows you to trigger a notification without waiting for the timeout

E.g. to trigger an immediate error:

curl -d "s=1"

Message - m

m You can send a message in m. This allows you to provide additional information.

Messages do not trigger notifications.

E.g. to trigger an immediate error, and provide information on the failure reason

curl -d "s=1&m=Backup failed"

Timing - t & b

The time t and boundary b fields provide a simple way for you to send the time your script took, as well as a boundary which should trigger a warning

Both time and boundary are converted to integers. If the time value is greater than the boundary value, this is considered as an error - and you will be notified

If you don't provide a boundary value, then no error is triggered, and the time is simply saved

Time and boundary can be in any units you like, depending on your needs (e.g. 10 can mean 10 milliseconds, 10 minutes or 10 hours)

Sending a message in m allows you to provide additional information.

Time and Boundary values can be seen in the checkin history page for your checkin

E.g. if a script took 10 seconds this time, and you want to be warned if it takes more than 30 seconds, you would send:

curl -d "t=10&b=30&m=backupScriptV1"

If a subsequent run takes 40 seconds, then the following would trigger an error:

curl -d "t=40&b=30&m=backupScriptV1"